Experience the Easy Life With the NEW Toyota Wigo


Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) brings the easy life at arm’s reach as it unveils the Toyota Wigo! TMP welcomes a new model to its line-up as this mini hatchback brings ease and fun to every driver! The no. 1 automotive manufacturer in the country chose to render a play of words expressing the easy drive with the Toyota Wigo, hence— “we go”. Its modern exterior, stylish and functional interior, wide cabin space, standardized safety features and fuel efficiency are just a few of the Toyota Wigo’s attractive characteristics. You’ll see that never before had all these traits been packed in so well into a compact city car. It’s finally here, so here we go!

The said vehicle is definitely easy to love as it displays how easy-going it is from front to rear. Its fun and easy styling along with its modern exterior enables the Wigo to be noticed in a sea of other vehicles. The latest Toyota model shows off its robust door panel shape and strong character-line to enhance its solid and energetic image. Customers would notice the continuous flowing movement of long window graphic to integrate a compelling image and roomy look. Upfront, a more upscale finish is bestowed as fog lamps offer a chrome garnish while the grille is striped with chrome accent. Furthermore, it boasts a sporty edge with “air spats” under the bumper for improved overall aerodynamics.

With the Wigo, customers can experience form complemented well with function. The mini hatchback proudly carries an ergonomically designed interior with advanced features. It invites you to enter its exciting cabin through the easiest ingress/egress in its category both from the front and rear seats. Furthermore, customers will find each drive easy to enjoy with the silver accented touch panel display audio system that comes with a Bluetooth capability to provide stress-free cordless connection to your mobile phone.

All-around performance is provided by the newly developed lightweight engine. An Inline-3 DOHC 12V gives the Wigo a balance of power and efficiency and makes it easy to drive. Toyota offers customers a choice between two grades with both variants producing an engine displacement of 1.0 liter. The Wigo generates a maximum output of 65hp/6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 85Nm/3,600rpm. On top of that, the Wigo provides a stable and comfortable ride through an optimized suspension geometry calibration for a smooth and relaxing drive.

Lastly, there is no compromise in safety here as both the Wigo’s variants are equipped with standard SRS airbags for both the driver and passenger and the top of the line grade is equipped with Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

The Toyota Wigo is easy to own at prices as follows:
*Wigo 1.0G AT – P534,000

*Wigo 1.0G MT – P499,000

**Wigo 1.0E MT – P448,000

*G variant is already available starting February 2014

**E variant will be available in early April 2014

The All New Wigo is available in 6 easy-to-love colors, namely Blue Metallic, White, Black, Silver Metallic, Metallic Gray, and Light Blue.

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